Artwork by

Immortality Notecard




This hemlock stump standing 12 to 15 feet tall displays the array of life forms that find nurturance in its last transformation. Large rotting stumps are important components for healthy ecosystem interactions. Birch trees, ferns, mosses, fungi, beetles, birds, salamanders and countless insects and organisms gather in the rotting wood to start new generations of forest life.

Everywhere around us, nature is the proof of the endless and infinite circle of life and death.

When a tree or other living being dies they become part of all the creatures who consume them. Life sustains life, and where just one organism existed its life energy can be shared and spread out infinitely.

The infinite gathers to become one, and one dies to return back to the infinite living universe existing forever in countless beings.

artwork by Camille Doucet © 1999

text by Michael DeMunn