What Our Customers Are Saying

"Found your sensational note pads in the John Muir Woods Park Gift Store. I have used these notes for many purposes, and have mounted them on parchment paper to make stationary. Your image of the towering redwood juxtaposed with the young sapling triggers the imagination...in the most charming way!" - LO, Great Falls, VA

"I found you at a Farmer's Market when I visited my daughter at Cornell in Ithaca. Your journals are the best, and I support your ethos." - Deanna, Maine

"I've enjoyed the loon notepad so much, as I have loved wilderness canoeing in the North Country. I've forgotten where I picked up the loon notepad, but it's been a treasure. Love your website." - Bruce Otto AT

"I found the Teasel notepad at the Brandywine Museum in PA. and have used it ever since. It's hard to find stationery that I like, and this fits the bill. Thank you." - Carol, Oceanside, NY

I bought my first Bristlecone Pine journal at the forest service store in the White Mountains in California. I love the journal and your website is absolutely beautiful and easy to use. Thanks!
-Jim, Denver, CO

I have ordered journals from Acorn for at least 20 years. They are the only journals I use.
-Ann, Raleigh, NC

THANK YOU for creating such exceptional cards and other precious paper products.
-Jane, MN

Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful product and service! One of my journaling workshop participants had ordered from you and you would have been delighted to hear her endorsement yesterday. Having been born in Rochester and missing lilacs - southern heat is not their friend so they're less common down here - I would love to see a lilac cover. Thank you as always.
-Deborah, VT

I have been buying your journals for years, and they continue to bring me delight with every use.
-Susan, NC

As a full time writer, I go through a lot of journals and notebooks. The pocket journals made by Acorn Designs are not only lovely, but the best designed notebooks I've found. The paper quality is good. The generous spiral binding allow the journals to open flat or flit back on themselves. The hard covers are a dream when I'm doing research in the field and need a steady surface to write on. And the size is just right---small enough to tuck away, but large enough to be functional. Thanks for making such a great product!
-Kathleen, WI

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful service and my 3 beautiful new journals. I ordered online and selected colors for 2 of the 3 journals. I was contacted by your office wondering if I had meant to select a color for the 3rd. The color selection button was missing for that design (due to a web redesign). But, I got to make my request via email. NOW, THAT IS SERVICE! The journals came quickly and were exactly what I wanted. My previous Acorn Designs journal is coming to an end and I have a new one to use.
Thanks so much for your personal attention to your customers and for the wonderful product!

I've always liked writing on unlined paper, because it allows you to write in any direction. When I was a college student in Binghamton, NY, I would buy your journals from River Read Books for taking notes and outlining essays. Something about the paper makes it so much nicer to write on than other kinds and I swear my handwriting looks better and my ideas come out easier for it. Anyway, I moved to Ohio a couple of years ago and would make a point of picking up another journal whenever I was back visiting. It's been a while since my last visit to Binghamton though and the last journal I got is filling up fast, so I resorted to finding you guys online.
I hope you keep making that paper, I really mean it when I say it's the best I've ever written on.
-Sebastian Rimehang

"Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your lovely designs. They are my favorite cards to send to my friends; there are many beautiful cards to be found but yours are the only ones with "local interest" and an upbeat message that is lightly educational without being overly didactic.

The whole concept is terrific; the way the paper complements the artwork, the tone of the text on the backs of the cards, even the font you use. – Anonymous

"I just want to tell you how happy I am with my cards! They are gorgeous! Also, I like the information slip on the back a lot--really neat. I happen to live with severe chemical sensitivities, but I do not react to these cards or inks or the packaging. Awesome! Also, It's wonderful what you all are doing for the environment...crucial. I just love the designs."
- Gwen, Stratford, CT

I received my recycled journal today, and it is beautiful! Your service and quality definitely makes you a "class act."
- Christine, Roselle, NJ

I would like to thank you for bringing forth such a lovely product. Each journal is so carefully made, and the option for the purchaser to create their own combinations of cover designs and jacket colors is a choice I'm happy to make. I love feeling creative while I'm ordering product for our store. I appreciate the seasonal choices, and the artwork is unique, diverse and excellent. We are getting only positive feedback with the addition of the lined page offerings; thanks for thinking of that! We have trouble keeping these very beautiful journals and pocket journals on display, as they sell out so quickly. I wish you all could hear some of the excited comments we get from shoppers when they first see them (or from the staff when I'm unpacking the box).

Again, many thanks for creating a product that I'm proud to carry in our store. I love your commitment to the environment, and how this is reflected in these journals.

-Deborah, Hardwick, VT

...Just so happy there are companies like you and that you have been at this for so long. Keep up the great work and I cannot wait to place my next order...
-Melisa, Mount Vernon, NY

Just a note to express my gratitude for your little enterprise! I received one of your fine journals for Christmas, and it is sturdy, and beautiful. The paper is quite wonderful. So many mass-produced journals offer paper that ink will bleed or show through - not yours! I use color a lot in my journaling, so it's a real issue. I want you to know how happy I am with the little journal, and offer you my hopes that you'll keep producing and perfecting. That the product is so earth-friendly is a BIG plus!
-Martha, Rochester, NY

I first found you in a gift shop in a park somewhere out west. Now I will only use your journals for my journal writing--and I give them as gifts to special people. Thank you!
-Katharine, Kalamazoo, MI

Your items and artwork are so gorgeous! I love everything, thank you 🙂
-Kelley, MA

I am a returning customer who loves your designs and appreciates your eco-friendly approach.
-Jessica, PA

I found your lovely site when I Googled "spiral bound journals" and was awed by the lovely artwork!
-Janice, Peyton, CO