Wholesale Account Troubleshooting

I'm not seeing the wholesale discount during checkout process...

In order to have the wholesale discount applied, you need to make sure you are logged into your account. If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can reset your password. If that still doesn't work, and you're absolutely sure that you have a wholesale account with Acorn Designs, please contact info@acorndesigns.org and we will quickly update your account so you can place your wholesale order.

My email address isn't working in the wholesale registration form...

It's possible that you do not have a wholesale account setup here on our new website. If you tried to reset your password and you are being told your email is invalid, please either contact us or register for a new wholesale account using your preferred email address.

I want to re-order a previous order. Do you have that available on the new website?

Orders from our previous website are no longer available for conveniently placing a repeat order. However, if you would like us to recreate the order for you please email us with the products you would like, or send a previous receipt and we can prepare the order and send you a link to complete the payment process. We're here to help, so contact us anytime at info@acorndesigns.org