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The majesty of the giant trees draws us into the forest trail dabbled in summer light. We are immediately humbled by the immense size and age of these living beings. Calmness enters our heart and fresh oxygen nourishes our lungs. Soft edges sharpen in deepening shades of green.The majesty of the giant trees draws

We feel an ancient network of interconnections between the trees, the birds, the bugs, and the berries. Hidden life rustles. Warblers sing their warbling song. Squirrels leap effortlessly. A branch moans in the breeze. Drawn to touch the thick soft bark, our fingers sink into this outer skin of life. Gossamer threads of spider webs float between branches. Shadow and sunlight scatter here and there as a bright bird flutters. Fallen trees create a nursery for new growth—decay, seeding and germination. Nutrients recycled, building the duff that softens our footsteps.

We can learn so much from these giants who planted their roots thousands of years ago. Ancient Forest

artwork by Susan Bull Riley © 2008
text by Kara Jean Hagedorn