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Winter Reflections Notecard



As the winter cold and snow force us inside, it is easy to see why winter is called the season of reflection.  It is a time of withdrawal into self; a time of looking inward and self-discovery.  The chill in the air stills our minds and bodies so that we may gain wisdom and strength.  Looking back, we contemplate our actions or inactions in the past year and use this knowledge to discover who we are.  By doing this we evaluate whether or not we are on our chosen path and are living with purpose.

As we journey into ourselves, we reflect on the wisdom of other creatures and what they have to teach.  One teacher is the red fox– a creature of balance.  These graceful and beautiful canines display mental strengths such as wisdom and cunning, as well as physical strengths such as skill and agility.  Although in the dog family, they also have a cat-like grace and smoothness of movement as they stalk and pounce upon their prey.

The fox is aware of its surroundings and the ripples of life.  In the quiet of winter, may we find within ourselves a balance such as that possessed by the fox.  As we glance backwards and reflect, let us learn what we need to walk gracefully on our path.

artwork by Bernard C. Scott ©1994

text by Beth Bannister