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Forest Floor Notecard



Each of our cards is blank on the inside for your personal messages, while the back features an educational and informative story that compliments the artwork on the front.

Cards are printed on high quality 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer). The inks used in printing are vegetable-oil based. Each card measures 41/2″ x 61/4″.

Made in the USA



Forest Floor

The forest floor in spring is alive with surprises, so watch where you step: that’s white trillium at your feet, fair as any lily. And look around: tinier, more delicate, and no less beautiful wildflowers like spring-beauty and hepatica bloom in the duff. Look closer and you notice that those tall, tripartite leaves among the trillium belong to Jack, jack-in-the-pulpit. The floral leaf or spathe folds over the upright spadix, the preacher in his covered pulpit, to create an altogether charming effect. The dead leaves of last autumn rustle unexpectedly; perfectly camouflaged, a tiny thrush-like warbler hops through, the ovenbird; so called because of the domed nest she builds on the ground. "Tea-cher, teacher," she says. There’s more here than first meets the eye.

artwork by Bernard C. Scott © 1994 

text by Peter Fortunato

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