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Strawberry Leaves Lokta Card


  • Our images are set in a frame on this beautiful, handmade paper from the Nepalese Lokta shrub.
  • This tree-free paper is both environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested.
  • Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged individually in 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve.
  • Cards are blank on the inside for your message.
  • Back of card has educational story, shown below in description.


The simple majesty of an ordinary backyard strawberry plant becomes obvious when seen up-close. The hairy stem catching the light, the graceful curves of the leaves, and the necklace of dewy pearls strung together on its dented edges are all accented by the sharp and warm sunshine.

While inspecting our garden early one spring morning, the beauty and the symmetry of dew on the speckled strawberry leaves caught my attention. A spring garden with its rows of dirt, dried leaves, and new greenery here and there is rarely an attractive thing. In contrast, the dew drops strewn like pearls of light created a miniature drama of great beauty that stay with me.

artwork and text by Camille Doucet © 2001