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Ocean Tumbled Stones Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


Ocean Tumbled Stones

Ocean tumbled stones, polished smooth by sand and pounding surf.  Hard as a rock, yet soft to the touch.  Their colors, formed deep in the earth in complete darkness, often reveal vivid colors, complex patterns and sparkling iridescence when brought out into the light.
 The ocean gathers these stones from disparate shorelines and transports them with the tides.  As they roll together in the surf, they harmonize with the symphony of the breaking waves.  How many of us further their journey as we surreptitiously or shamelessly collect these heart-warming stones and carry them far inland to decorate our homes and cheer our souls?
 Perhaps they can teach us to appreciate life tumbling our own rough edges, and allow the wear and tear we’ve sustained to mellow and smooth us too.

“Choose three pebbles, toss one into the sea, casting away that which we must let go of.  Place one on a cairn to mark this moment’s prayer.  Take one home to start a new beginning.”
  —an oral custom from Iona, Scotland

artwork by Patricia Sobel, text by Susan Wiener