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Horses Lokta Card



Each of our cards is blank on the inside for your personal messages, while the back features an educational and informative story that compliments the artwork on the front.

Web images are displayed with Acorn Designs faint watermark but actual cards are printed and shipped without the watermark.

Cards are printed on high quality 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer). The inks used in printing are vegetable-oil based. Each card measures 41/2″ x 61/4″.

Made in the USA


Magical and mystical, the horse has been said to be the first animal "medicine" of civilization. This is so since the horse, by allowing man to ride upon its back, made travel less burdensome. Distances could be covered more quickly and easily on horseback than on foot. Interactions between cultures became possible and the diversity in life was discovered. Through the horse, man was given more freedom and power.

Throughout the ancient world the horse has been almost as important a figure as the sun, being associated with death and rebirth and also with the rising and setting sun. The horse enabled the ancient shamans to "fly" to the spirit world. Through horses we are still connected to our primal and ancient past. Horses can still conjure within us the sense of freedom and power the ancient must have felt.

artwork by Lisa Baechtle © 2003
text by Anne Trawick

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