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Ancient Spirit Notecard


Each of our cards is blank on the inside for your personal messages, while the back features an educational and informative story that compliments the artwork on the front. You can read the back of the card below under the description.

Cards are printed on high-quality 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer). The inks used in printing are vegetable-oil-based. Each card measures 41/2" x 61/4".

Web images are displayed with Acorn Designs' faint watermark but actual cards are printed and shipped without the watermark.

Wholesale customers, please order by 1/2 dozen or dozen.

Made in the USA

The following description appears on the back of your notecard.


Ancient Spirit

Logging practices over the past few hundred years have changed the nature of our forests. The species variety and the age range of our trees have both become more homogeneous. Some trees valued for their lumber have been harvested faster than their ability to regenerate. Others, partly due to their low market value, have increased. Most stands of forests are even-aged…old trees are rare.

This particular old tree is a sugar maple (Acer sacchurum), a mainstay of forests in the northeastern U.S. into Canada. Hundreds of years ago it was not uncommon to find big trees throughout our forests. Now such big trees are often found along borders, in hedgerows or inaccessible locations. Trees such as these have had to survive many hardships; pressures from herbivores, competition with other plants, storms, severe winter conditions, etc. Such trees seem to possess a deep wisdom. To come across a mature maple tree stirs a place in the heart that remembers an ancient harmony where the young, the old and the very old cohabit in a timelessness that is of this earth.

To revel in the canopy of a maple’s glowing leaves in the glory of autumn light one can lose track of time for a short eternity.

artwork by Camille Doucet © 1998

text by Michael DeMunn