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Moonlight Magic Journal


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The following description appears on the inside cover of your journal.


Clouds whirl and roll away to let the majesty of the full moon sparkle on the Antarctic ice. Light reflects off the frozen surface illuminating the coldest place on earth.

Alert Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) watch star-fire crystals float and fade in the crisp air. They’ve traveled great distances on an ancient march from their breeding grounds to the ice edge where they can fish in open water. For thousands of years their ancestors have made this journey, hunger and determination propelling each step of their way. Timing is crucial in the flow of their existence.

Masters of extreme conditions, Emperors are the only Antarctic bird to breed in the winter. They are the largest of all penguins, reaching 40 inches tall and 90 pounds in weight.

Now another generation stands tall and looks to the moon, which has helped guide them. Its light reflects off their feathered chests and their staccato songs call in celebration to the vastness of this planet. A ribbon of crystal luminescence leads them to the water where they will dive deep into the unknown.

artwork by Linda Matusich © 2008
text by Kara Jean Hagedorn