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King of the Pumpkins Notecard



King of the Pumpkins

There was once a very handsome and intelligent orange tabby cat named Pumpkin. Like all cats, Pumpkin enjoyed wandering the fields, exploring and hunting for mice. And, like all cats, he had excellent nighttime vision; a bit of faint starlight or a ray of moonlight was all he needed to see his prey. He never could understand why his humans didn’t appreciate the many gifts of birds, mice, voles and other small creatures that he regularly deposited at their feet.

One crisp October evening, Pumpkin was out exploring and he came upon an entire field of pumpkins the same color that he was. He ran from one to the next, hoping they would address him, but the pumpkins remained silent and mute. “Well,” thought Pumpkin, “they may not be very exciting, but they shall be my subjects and I shall be their King.” And so Pumpkin crowned himself King of the Pumpkins. Night after night, he visited his kingdom, and his royal status remained unchallenged. Still, it was a lonely reign, and Pumpkin longed for a more animated kingdom. One night as he sat in the field, Pumpkin saw a shooting star, and so he made a wish. He wished that the very next night, the pumpkins in the field would come to life.

It so happened that the next night was Halloween. When Pumpkin arrived at the field, all the pumpkins has disappeared. Disappointed, Pumpkin made his way home. But, as he trotted by each farmhouse, he saw a multitude of yellow-orange faces with glowing eyes flickering in the darkness. And then he realized where all the pumpkins had gone: each had been carved into a singular jack-o-lantern. And every year thereafter, Pumpkin eagerly waited for his kingdom to spring to life on Halloween.

artwork and text by Betsy Karasik © 2005