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Holly Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


Holly is a mostly evergreen shrub or small tree of which there are several hundred species found in many places around the world. Hollies were once abundant in woodlands and along hedgerows. Many songbirds as well as wild turkeys enjoy the fruit of the holly.

Since ancient times, holly has been symbolic of immortality and protection from evil spirits. The Druids advised people to take holly into their homes at the start of winter for this reason, as well as to ward off winter depression. Thus our custom of decorating with holly during the winter holidays. Holly has also been regarded as a plant of “good omen” and can even ward off the thunder and lightning.

Holly has medicinal qualities as well. Extracts from the leaves can be used to treat coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, rheumatism and fevers as well as many other symptoms. Meditating with holly can calm the mind and allow clear decisions to be made.

artwork by Bente King

text by Anne Trawick