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Green Heron Lokta Card


  • Our images are set in a frame on this beautiful, handmade paper from the Nepalese Lokta shrub.
  • This tree-free paper is both environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested.
  • Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged individually in 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve.
  • Cards are blank on the inside for your message.
  • Back of card has educational story, shown below in description.


The green heron is a small, richly colored wading bird. Their breeding range includes all of the eastern half of the contiguous U.S., the Pacific coast from Washington to California and both coasts of Mexico and Central America. Green herons that breed in the eastern states migrate south in the winter.

Green herons feed on a wide variety of aquatic creatures: worms, insects, crustaceans, fish, frogs, snakes and rodents. They forage in shallow water or stand motionless, crouched with head and neck extended waiting for prey. Green herons sometimes drop feathers, worms, insects or other small items into the water as bait to attract fish.

Green herons nest in marshes, swamps or other areas close to aquatic feeding territory. Nests are unlined structures made of sticks. They are built jointly by both sexes; the male generally gathers materials and the female constructs the nest.

artwork by John Sill © 2003
text by Steve Sierigk