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Coyotes Lokta Card


  • Our images are set in a frame on this beautiful, handmade paper from the Nepalese Lokta shrub.
  • This tree-free paper is both environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested.
  • Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged individually in 100% biodegradable cellophane sleeve.
  • Cards are blank on the inside for your message.
  • Back of card has educational story, shown below in description.


Coyotes (Canis latrans)

Tough and wiry, with keen senses and a quick wit, the coyote is an amazingly adaptive animal.  Despite efforts to exterminate the coyote, it has steadily extended its range throughout much of the US as well as Canada as it moved off its native prairies in the late 19th century.


Native American lore about the coyote is plentiful. There is always hidden wisdom surrounding the coyote; but it is not straightforward as the coyote is a trickster and is associated with magic.  In legends, coyotes often look for ways to do things that do not involve the use of their own skill; always looking for shortcuts, often making things more complicated than they need to be.


The coyote shows us the balance of wisdom and folly and reminds us that anything is possible.


artwork by Jane Jaskevich © 2014