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Blue Dusk Lokta Card


  • Our images are set in a frame on this beautiful, handmade paper from the Nepalese Lokta shrub.
  • This tree-free paper is both environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested, providing a market for cottage industries that are Fair-Trade Certified.
  • Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged individually.
  • Cards are blank on the inside and have a great story on the reverse side about the picture on the front.
  • Handmade cards are not available for wholesale pricing.


As humans, we love to have trees near us. We invite them into our lives. They line our streets, and grace our yards. But the most fulfilling thing of all is when they welcome us into their world. To walk through a forest is to walk through a cathedral of wonder. What is more magnificent then stately trees with their roots clutching the depths of the Earth as their branches reach for the heavens? They live their lives rooted in place, year to year, season to season, dawn to dusk. They slowly and quietly grow and demonstrate a peace and contentment that inspires us. The soft sound of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze of twilight as the day fades into night is a magical time. As the sun falls behind the verdant hills in this painting, these two trees settle into a blue dusk that calms our souls and feeds our spirits, and makes us one with the world that we share.

artwork and text by Meghan Kennedy © 2004