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Bald Eagle Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


Found only in North America, the Bald Eagle is an awe-inspiring bird of prey. Standing three feet tall and weighing over ten pounds, they soar on wings up to seven feet wide.

Belonging to the order of Sea Eagles, they are found near large bodies of water where they eat fresh fish. Each breeding pair build a massive nest of sticks in a tree, or on a cliff, used each year after year. They mate for life and share duties of incubating eggs, catching food and protecting their young.

An endangered species in the 1960’s, their population recovered from less than 400 nesting pairs to over 10,000 pairs in 2010. Laws protecting nests and feathers, the 1983 ban of the use of DDT, education, and reintroduction programs all helped bring the Bald Eagle back from the brink of extinction.

Eagles have long been considered powerful omens. Pacific Coast tribes carved them as symbols of strength, friendship, and prestige. An eagle perched on top of the Iroquois Tree of Peace symbolizes unity among the tribes of the Haudenosaunee. Many people hold Bald Eagles as sacred, an embodiment of the Divine.

artwork by Michael DiGiorgio © 2012

text by Kara Jean Hagedorn