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Trillium Mini Journal


Our spiral bound mini journals measure 3.5″ wide x 5″ tall. The paper and cover is environmentally safe 100% post-consumer recycled, with lines on one side of each page. There’s a story inside the cover that relates to the artwork on the front.

Made in the USA


Tall trees tower in ancient forests, their leaves practically out of sight. As our gaze turns to the forest floor we delight to notice the elegant trillium. We are reminded of how awe-inspiring and soul-awakening our eastern forests can be.

White trillium grows in the wild throughout the Appalachian Mountains. This perennial spring emphemeral thrives in moist, deep, shady humus. Trilliums are slow to develop, it takes a minimum of six years for a white trillium to produce its first bloom. Seeds are generally dispersed by ants.

Trilliums are not common and are always a treat to encounter. They speak of wild places and the intricate delicacy of nature’s balance.

artwork by Susan Bull Riley ©2000
text by Steve Sierigk

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Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 0.25 in