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Spring Awakening Journal


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The following description appears on the inside cover of your journal.


We often mark the coming of spring by the sights and sounds around us: the exciting return of Canada Geese, the beauty and intoxicating scents of spring flowers, the relaxing chorus of spring peepers.  We are blessed with new life, youth and energy.

People who spend time in the woods recognize a thrilling spring activity of the ruffed grouse– “drumming.”  Males of this species do this intensively in March and April to set territories and to let females know of their whereabouts.  Bracing their feet and tails on logs, the male birds beat their wings against the air– slowly at first, then faster and faster.  What results is a whirring or “drumming” sound heard by humans a quarter mile away.

The grouse is one outlet of the earth’s abundant energy in this time of awakening.  Open your senses to the drumming of the grouse– perhaps you will feel this same drumming inside your own soul.

artwork  by John Sill ©1994
text by Beth Bannister