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Saw-whet Owl Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


Saw-whet Owl 
(Aegolius acadicus)

The saw-whet owl is widely distributed throughout the northern parts of North America.  It resides in coniferous woodlands and is the smallest of the eastern owls, being only slightly larger than a sparrow.

This owl has a diverse repertoire of calls, the most common being a mellow whistled note with a bell-like quality repeated in succession.  The saw-whet’s name is derived from another of its calls– a rasping note which somewhat resembles the sharpening of a saw on an old-fashioned whetstone.

Almost entirely nocturnal, this diminutive owl is surprisingly fierce for its size.  The soft, fringed feathers of the saw-whet and other owls are unique in structure and allow silent flight.  These birds dine chiefly on mice and insects, and eat half their body weight each night.

Owl medicine can teach us silent wisdom and to trust our inner vision.

artwork by Steve Sierigk