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Raven Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.



Raven (Corvus corax)

Ravens are the largest birds of the crow family, with a wingspan of up to 45-56 inches. The males and females are similar in appearance, although the females are slightly smaller. Their bills are heavy and curved and their black feathers have a purple or green iridescence. Ravens are very strong fliers, able to dive falcon-like or hover motionless in a gale like a hawk.

Being quite crafty and resourceful, ravens are quick to learn and have adapted to diverse habitats all around the world. From extreme northern climates to the southern hemisphere, ravens can be found in forests, plains, deserts and mountainous regions. Ravens are extremely playful and highly intelligent. They can be taught to speak and have been known to use tools. Being fast and wary, they are not easily intimidated.

Females lay 4-6 eggs in the spring. Both males and females share in feeding the young, who begin to fly within 35-42 days after hatching. Pairs raise one brood per season; ravens mate for life.

Ravens are popular in mythology, where they are associated with life, death, magic and mischief. They are the bringer of omens. A pair of ravens were messengers to the Norse god Odin, and Odin himself could turn into a raven. Their black feathers represent the magic of darkness. Ravens can teach us to go into the dark and bring out the light.

artwork by Dan Burgevin