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Grey Squirrel Mini Journal


Our spiral bound mini journals measure 3.5″ wide x 5″ tall. The paper and cover is environmentally safe 100% post-consumer recycled, with lines on one side of each page. There’s a story inside the cover that relates to the artwork on the front.

Made in the USA


Grey Squirrel

The grey squirrel is a prolific and adaptable tree squirrel native to the eastern and Midwestern US and southern portions of Canada. They generally construct their dens upon large tree branches as well as the hollow trunks of trees. They prefer oak-hickory forests as they enjoy acorns and a wide variety of other nuts. Grey squirrels have a high tolerance for humans and easily inhabit residential neighborhoods.

The grey squirrel is a scatter-hoarder; it hoards food in numerous small caches. Some caches are quite temporary, especially when taking advantage of a site with a sudden abundance of food which can be retrieved within hours or days for reburial in a more secure site. Other caches are more permanent and are not retrieved until months later. Each squirrel is estimated to make thousands of caches each season; they have an extremely accurate spatial memory for the locations of these hidden food stores.

Unlike many squirrels, the grey squirrel does not hibernate during winter months. Although they tend to be shy, their bashfulness tends to disappear when they are fed!

artwork by Susan Bull Riley © 2010,

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