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Gingko Leaves Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


Characterized by its lovely fan-shaped leaves, the Ginkgo tree may be the oldest living tree species on our planet. The Ginkgo biloba is in fact a living fossil, the only surviving member of a family predating the age of dinosaurs, over 150 million years ago. Among the secrets of the Ginkgo is its extraordinary longevity, with some trees thought to be over a thousand years old. The Ginkgo is associated with healing since ancient times. It has been used medicinally in Chinese culture for thousands of years, and is now becoming popular in western medicine as well.

In this painting a lovely autumn sprig with three graceful leaves rests upon a tablet with mysterious writing on it. What stories remain locked up in the unknown script? The secret of the fountain of youth? Ancient cures? Lost knowledge? Much may be known about the Ginkgo, but it also holds its secrets very well.

artwork and text by Meghan Kennedy