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Barn Door Journal


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Barn Door

Grape tendrils curling over an old barn door, bright green leaves shining in the sun, soft grays and oranges in the weathering wood. Life and decay side by side; the cycle of life and death continues.

Life does persevere; plant life creeps over an unused building, grass grows out of cracks in concrete, coyote and peregrine falcons now live near or in cities. This passion for life shows us that there really is no separation between the world of nature and the world of humans. Life continues, as if the very struggle itself brings strength.

We as humans can learn from this passion for life. We can take on that struggle ourselves; to live as humans on this planet and to live as fully connected and present as we possibly can. We are, after all, not so far removed from our hunter-gatherer roots, with instincts and perceptions that are remnants from that time.

Perhaps it is good to let our wildness intermingle with our civilization.

Bente King © 2003

text by Beth Bannister