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Atlantic Puffin Mini Journal


  • Spiral bound mini journals measure 3.5″ wide x 5″ tall.
  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
  • Blank pages for notes or sketching.
  • There’s a story inside the cover that relates to the artwork on the front.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Handmade in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State

The following description appears on the inside cover of your mini-journal.


Atlantic Puffin


Colorful, comical and endearing: all describe this small but robust seabird, the Atlantic Puffin. Although it stands no more than 12 inches tall, the puffin spends the majority of its life on the open waters of the icy North Atlantic. Puffins are well equipped for a rugged existence with a thick layer of down, large webbed feet for quick propulsion and short, strong wings used in flight and underwater swimming. A row of tiny hooks on the inside of the upper bill allows the puffin to catch and hold upwards of 30 small fish at one time!


As summer approaches, the usually solitary puffins congregate in large numbers on remote islands to breed. Large groups gather together on small rock slabs and march awkwardly among each other. Because they concentrate in large numbers at this time, puffins, along with many other seabirds, are vulnerable to human disturbance on their breeding grounds. Thanks to innovative work by ornithologists puffin populations have been restored to many islands off the Maine coast.



artwork by Michael DiGiorgio © 2010