Phoebe Aceto

“We were always making music and art. My older brother (Jordan, member of Sim Redmond Band), and the twins Lily (farmer) and Teo (blacksmith and luthier) are all musicians, but I was always drawing. Even before I could get a tattoo, I was drawing tattoos for my friends.”
As soon as Phoebe turned 18, she got her first tattoo and six years later she was a tattoo apprentice. As her interest in the intricate designs expanded, so did her ambitions.
Phoebe was just named Best Tattoo Artist in Ithaca’s Best of for 2020. Operating out of Here’s To You Tattoo Shop, Phoebe Aceto’s botanical and earth-inspired designs have exalted her to this award, something she said she is honored to receive. Though she said the job is often demanding, she enjoys the challenge.

“There’s a lot of talent in this town, and it just makes me feel really good … that clients put their trust in me like that,” she said. “My favorite part is to be able to really trust and follow my instincts more and that my clients trust that as well.”

These illustrative pieces are my art outside of custom tattoo work.
Here I explore and appreciate flow, focus, design, details and patterns within birds and botanicals. To commission an illustration of your desired bird or botanical please contact

Phoebe’s artwork will be listed and available soon in both large and small journals and notecards, woohooooo! Stay tuned.

Products by Phoebe Aceto

The following products include artwork and/or writing by Phoebe Aceto. Most products are a collaboration of the wonderful artists and writers who have contributed to Acorn Designs over the years.

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