Phoebe Aceto

“We were always making music and art. My older brother (Jordan, member of Sim Redmond Band), and the twins Lily (farmer) and Teo (blacksmith and luthier) are all musicians, but I was always drawing. Even before I could get a tattoo, I was drawing tattoos for my friends.”
As soon as Phoebe turned 18, she got her first tattoo and six years later she was a tattoo apprentice. As her interest in the intricate designs expanded, so did her ambitions.
Phoebe was just named Best Tattoo Artist in Ithaca’s Best of for 2020. Operating out of Here’s To You Tattoo Shop, Phoebe Aceto’s botanical and earth-inspired designs have exalted her to this award, something she said she is honored to receive. Though she said the job is often demanding, she enjoys the challenge.

“There’s a lot of talent in this town, and it just makes me feel really good … that clients put their trust in me like that,” she said. “My favorite part is to be able to really trust and follow my instincts more and that my clients trust that as well.”

These illustrative pieces are my art outside of custom tattoo work.
Here I explore and appreciate flow, focus, design, details and patterns within birds and botanicals. To commission an illustration of your desired bird or botanical please contact

Phoebe’s artwork will be listed and available soon in both large and small journals and notecards, woohooooo! Stay tuned.

Products by Phoebe Aceto

The following products include artwork and/or writing by Phoebe Aceto. Most products are a collaboration of the wonderful artists and writers who have contributed to Acorn Designs over the years.

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Heron Portrait


Large Journal

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)

This majestic bird is at home in small streams, marshes, or the shores of ponds, lakes or ocean bays. Great Blue Herons are large (4 feet tall, 6- foot wingspan), common birds that nest across North America from Alaska to Mexico. Great Blues mate for life. Nests are usually made in colonies, sometimes in the company of other water birds. The massive stick nests are often constructed in the tops of tall trees and may be used for many years.

The heron is a truly picturesque bird; plumage and greatly lengthened feathers form beautiful crests and elegant chest and back plumes. The Great Blue Heron’s distinctive flight is slow and ponderous. The neck is drawn back so that the head is hunched down on the shoulders; the legs trail behind serving as a rudder. Most Great Blue Herons migrate south in the fall; herons that linger in the north often fall victim to harsh weather.

These herons hunt by slowly walking through shallow water or by waiting, statue-like, for prey to come within their range. Food items captured by lightning-like jabs of the pointed bill include fish, water snakes, eels, amphibians and insects. In areas where these herons feed, game fishing may be of high quality as the bulk of the heron’s diet consists of non-game species.

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Kestrel’s Eye


The American Kestrel is the smallest and possibly the most abundant bird of prey in North America.  Like all falcons, it has large powerful eyes and a compact body with long, pointed wings designed for speed and agility.  Look for this brightly colored falcon perched on telephone lines and fence posts bordering empty fields, where…

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Wood Thrush on Blackgum Branch


Wood Thrush In the wet, shaded deciduous woods of eastern North America, the melodious, flutelike “ee-oh-layo-lee” of this accomplished singer graces the forest landscape. Males sing frequently, especially in the morning and at dusk. Females sing a shorter version of the song when their nest is disturbed. During courtship, the female engages in an interesting…

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