Lynn Capani-Czebeniak

In an effort to aid in the healing of the wounded planet, this Finger Lakes New York artist gently weaves dreams, myths and emotions into haunting images that speak the universal language of the spirit. First Nation’s Wisdom, Goddess lore and mystic dreams are the palette from which she draws inspiration, transforming the ordinary into magickal journeys of the soul.

With pencil, pastel, acrylic and watercolor, Lynn Capani-Czebiniak calls up the spirits of lost memories and the ghosts of childhood’s dreams, beckoning the viewer into communion with the Universe. She invites you to enter her dream world and embark on a sojourn into a space of healing energy…

Since very early childhood, Lynn felt the undeniable desire to share art as her life’s purpose. Today, in an effort to make her healing work accessible to everyone to whom it calls, her original art works are also available as archival prints, cards (with text written by the artist), bookmarks and magnets.

An active and vivid dream time is the source for many of her art pieces, and Lynn has been honoured over the years with 16 magazine covers. Her work was published in a book entitled “The Ribbon” (Lark Publishing), as well as in “American Craft Magazine”. The Peace Museum in Chicago, Illinois is home to a quilt piece fashioned by the artist, which was inspired by a grassroots effort to promote world peace.

A number of her paintings and drawings have found their way to homes and businesses in China, Australia, Japan and Switzerland, in addition to many areas of the United States. One of Lynn’smagazine covers, featuring a piece entitled “The Animus in the 7th Stage of Initiation”, was eventually purchased by the New Jersey magazine. Subsequently the rights were purchased by a Manhattan company for t-shirts and the like.

At her latest Cornell University exhibition, the University graciously purchased one of her pieces for their private collection. In March, 2018, several pieces of her work were selected for exhibition at Manhattan’s Stricoff Fine Arts Gallery in Chelsea, which led to a piece being shown in Zurich, Switzerland. From the NYC show, a catalog featuring 15 pieces of her artwork was published in Germany. In addition to being an Acorn Designs artist, Lynn’s work is available in select shops throughout the United States, particularly at Artisan Elements in Homer, NY. You can find her featured pieces here and many more if you visit to her shop on, her personal shop is Lynn2C and also her art page on facebook, Dream Weaver Art Studio.

Lynn has a new book available, Moon’s Breath and Magick: A Semiautobiographical Anthology of International Goddesses.

Products by Lynn Capani-Czebeniak

The following products include artwork and/or writing by Lynn Capani-Czebeniak. Most products are a collaboration of the wonderful artists and writers who have contributed to Acorn Designs over the years.

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