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Mountain Lion Lokta Card


  • Our images are set in a frame on this beautiful, handmade paper from the Nepalese Lokta shrub.
  • This tree-free paper is both environmentally friendly and sustainably harvested, providing a market for cottage industries that are Fair-Trade Certified.
  • Each card comes with an envelope and is packaged individually.
  • Cards are blank on the inside and have a great story on the reverse side about the picture on the front.
  • Handmade cards are not available for wholesale pricing.


Mountain Lion

Cougar, catamount, puma, panther, screamer- all are names given to this shy and elusive predator.  Unable to roar, the puma is capable of an unimaginable, penetrating scream.  Largest of the North American wild cats, a male can weigh over 200 pounds and measure 8’ from nose to tip of tail.


Mountain lions are remarkably adaptable to a wide range of habitats from Canada to South America including northern alpine forests, deserts and tropical forests.  They have keen eyesight and are amazingly fast; they can jump vertically up to 15’ and horizontally up to 40’!  Once hunted to near extinction, mountain lion populations are making a comeback.  Mountain lions are solitary creatures and are most active at dawn, dusk and at night when they roam their home area in search of prey.  They commonly select deer as their prey of choice but they also hunt wild hogs, raccoons, rabbits, porcupines, elk, bighorn sheep, rodents and birds.  The secretive cougar prefers to ambush their prey often from behind.


Can we learn the lesson that this beautiful and unique predator has for us, balance?


artwork by Jane Jaskevich © 2014