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Humpback Whale Small Journal


acorn designs journal color swatch

The following description appears on the inside cover of your small journal.


The stocky, slow-moving humpbacks are perhaps the most animated and acrobatic of the great whales. They seem to be filled with a joy of living as they splash and roll, sometimes leaping clear of the water in a graceful, arching backward flip.

In the open oceans, free of gravity and many of the restrictions which weigh heavily on our minds and bodies, whales have developed a complex communication system quite unlike our own. The song cycles of the humpback whale are believed to be the most elaborate single display known in any animal species. Sounds produced range from pure high-frequency whistles to low resonant rumbles; calls travel for hundreds of miles in the ocean.

Whales are an ancient symbol of creation. They show us the power of song and help to awaken our inner depths.

artwork and text by Steve Sierigk