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Clover’s curl of leaf cradles beaded shimmers, catching sky and casting glimmers for faeries to travel by.

And still a deeper magic stirs beneath the soil, where clover transforms the breath of sky to food for soil and plant life.

Among roots stretching wide and deep, fat nodules cradle nitrogen captured from the wind and turned to manna for the next emergence of stem and leaf and flower to unfurl into the light.

Clover’s magic is simple mystery, basic and profound: a magic nourishing the belief in as yet unseen goodness, nourishing the promise of the continuance of sweet soil and green life, nourishing the trust in time’s cycles unfolding. Clover is a charm, a lucky leaf, a rounded cipher of optimism. Clover reminds us to believe.

artwork by Camille Doucet © 1998

text by Sherrie Mickel