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Canada Geese Small Journal


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Journal paper is 100% post-consumer recycled. Pages are blank or choose lined paper with lines on one side of the page only for $1.00 more. Journal measures 7″ x 4.5″. Cover and back contain 100% recycled content. Descriptions of the cover artwork are on the inside of the front cover to provide insight and information about the design.

Made in the USA

The following description appears on inside cover of your journal.


The Canada goose is found from the Altantic to the Pacific coasts and from Mexico to the Arctic coast of Canada. This goose is a grazer and can live in many different habitats. It spends most of its time near rivers, lakes, or marshes, often feeding in grasslands or fields of grain.

The insistent, musical honking of Canada geese in V-shaped migratory flocks foretells the coming of fall and the return of spring. This wedge-shape formation has aerodynamic and energy-saving advantages. The lead position requires the greatest energy expenditure and the leader changes periodically. Biologists believe that migratory birds use many cues to guide their flights, including topography of the land, meteorological conditions, the sun, stars, and the Earth’s magnetic field.

This V formation points us toward new directions, new possibilities, opens us up to new ideas. Their incessant calling while migrating invites us to come along. Our imagination is stirred toward new travels in body or in mind. The goose can teach us to break free of old restraints and come into our own.

artwork and text by Steve Sierigk

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