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The following products include artwork and/or writing by Tracey Graber. Most products are a collaboration of the wonderful artists and writers who have contributed to Acorn Designs over the years.

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Cover image - Butterflies Mini Journal

Butterflies Mini Journal


The Orange Sulphur butterfly is found in almost any open space, especially over alfalfa fields and anywhere native or cultivated legumes grow. They occur over Though the Blue Copper butterfly is blue, it belongs to the Copper groups of butterflies, not the Blues. They are a frequent visitor to mountain canyons, sagelands, river valleys and…

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak Notecard

Rose-breasted Grosbeak Journal


(Pheucticus ludovicianus) A lovely, boldly patterned bird in the cardinal family, the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak is unmistakable. With his conical beak, jet black head and wings and triangular bib of bright rosey-red, he is easy to identify. The female, on the other hand, is a bit harder to spot. Like many female songbirds, she is…

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