Mary Beth Ihnken

Mary Beth grew up in Bedminster, NJ with her 5 siblings, attended Bernards High School and graduated from Rutgers College with a BA in Art History and Fine Art in 1993. She moved to Ithaca, NY in 1994 with her husband and found her home.

She started her decorative art business Ihnken’s Creations and joined the Ithaca Farmer’s Market in 1995. She primarily painted furniture and slowly moved to the walls, painting faux finishes, Trompe L’Oeil, and of course murals. She had her first son Zachary in 2004 and Miles in 2007.

She has been a member of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail from the start over 10 years. You can visit her restored 1810 barn and farm. These paintings are inspired from life on the farm.

Products by Mary Beth Ihnken

The following products include artwork and/or writing by Mary Beth Ihnken. Most products are a collaboration of the wonderful artists and writers who have contributed to Acorn Designs over the years.

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Whitney's Chickens Notecard

Whitney’s Chickens Journal


Whitney’s Chickens (Pinus strobus) This wonderful group of chickens is part of a backyard flock providing fresh eggs and entertainment. Unrestricted, roaming around the yard, chickens happily enjoy hunting for insects and eating a wide variety of grass, clover and other legumes. Chickens are inquisitive by nature and will try to eat just about anything…

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